Company Profile Liling Huaxin Insulator Technology Co., Ltd is located in Liling city, Hunan province, doing business as HPK INSULATORS.

Quick Facts about HPK:
1. Founded in 1985 and privately owned by a family
2. 1000+ employees , porcelain & composite factories
3. 30,000 tons porcelain and 600,000 pieces composite capacity
4. Up to 1200kV AC and 1100kV DC application
5. 15 millions pieces of insulators installed worldwide in 35 years
6. More than half product sales through OEMs around the world

The company was founded in 1985, has always focused on the research, design, production and sales of leading products in electric porcelain insulator industry, owns the most variety and the largest production quantity of porcelain hollow insulator, together with HPK solid post insulators and composite insulators, Liling HUAXIN has ability to provide solutions for all demands of porcelain and composite insulators.

The company has a thouand of employees and covers an area of 350 thousand square meters, the workshop area is around 80 thousand squre meters, which includes 75 thousand square meters for porcelain insulators and 4 thousand square meter for composite insulators.

HPK ( as also known as HUAXIN )is the key strategic partner of the world leading power grid equipment OEMs, like ABB, SIEMENS and GE and the important insulator supplier in their global industrial chains. Further more, HPK has supplied directly many kinds of quality porcelain insulator products to a number of key national transmission and transformation projects in China, such as the "Three Gorges Project", "Lanzhou-Guanting 750kV Transmission and Transformation Demonstration Project", "Southeast Shanxi-Nanyang-Jinmen 1,000kV UHV AC Transmission and Transformation Demonstration Project", etc.

In the past 35 years, over 15 million pieces of HPK insulator products have been operating safely on the HV and UHV transmission and transformation lines all over the world , including millons pieces in North America and Europe, HPK aspires to provide better quality insulators with more varieties and insulator solutions to serve the domestic and global power by integrating Huaxin worldwide-applied porcelain insulators with 35 years manufacturing experienced transmission line insulators, and high-performance composite insulators; and supported by HPK field approved excellent specialized service.

Company History


Set Up

Liling Pukou Porcelain insulator and electrical company specializing in line insulators, post insulators and transformer bushings



Began the production of hollow insulators



Changed the name into Liling Huaxin insulator and electrical Co., LTD.



Became the biggest manufacturer of hollow insulators.



Changed the name into Liling Huaxin Insulator Technology Co., LTD.


Capacitor bushings

Set up production line for capacitor bushings.


GIS bushing

Set up production line for GIS bushing.


High-technology JV company

The new High-technology JV company for composite insulators was established.


Into production.

Finished the expansion of the GIS bushing production lines in Liling Economy Technology Zone and went into production.

About City Liling

Liling city 醴陵, its name never got changed in 2000+ years, with about 1 million population, Liling city is birth place of firework ( invented by Li Tian around 650 AD ) , called “capital of fireworks” and also has about 30% of the world porcelain insulator manufacturing, while 11% of the world ceramics production.  INMR visited city Liling and calls it  "A City Built on Insulators".


Liling’s ceramics has its unique 5 coloring & then glazing technique. Its Ceramic Vase won gold Medal of Award, Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco 1915. Chairman Mao used Liling ceramic product. Liling ceramic arts have been used as a gift for the UK Queen, the PM Thatcher , the Japanese Emperor , etc. Right now, Liling city has

  1. Hunan University of Technology – Liling Ceramics College - 4 year college
  2. The Liling Insulator Lab
  3. Annual International Ceramic Industry Expo : 439 exhibitors in 2019.