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Nuclear Motor Stator Porcelain Insulator
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Huaxin has spent three years in developing nuclear motor stator porcelain insulator, the success of which broke the technology monopoly of American.
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HPK is honored to be involved in the 'Projects Between U.S. and China Businesses to Reduce Energy Consumption'. General Electric and Liling Huaxin Insulator Technology Co., Ltd.: This project is part of GE's Green Supplier Initiative, which aims to help suppliers reduce energy consumption through collaboration with leading technology companies, financiers, and energy service companies. This project includes retrofits to lighting and water treatment systems. The project implements digital transformation for furnace system and utilizes automatic handling technique. This project is expected to save 21% of energy consumption, totaling 2,852 TCE reduced per year.
More details:https://www.energy.gov/eere/articles/energy-department-announces-new-projects-between-us-and-china-businesses-reduce-energy
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HPK is the important global strategic partner of ABB, SIEMENS, ALSTOM, TE and HYOSUNG, and is the supporting enterprise of their global industry train.
Main honors won by HPK Huaxin:
ABB Excellent Supplier
ABB Strategic Partner
Siemens Excellent Supplier
Siemens´╝łTrench´╝ëExcellent supplier
Alstom´╝łGE´╝ëLEAN Production Improvement Award
The Largest Porcelain Insulator
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Voltage: 1100kV AC
High:12m (39ft)
Creepage distance:27m
Max.OD: 0.885m